Interesting Funny Commands of Linux

In this article, we’ve shown some funny commands of Linux. Linux command line can perform any complex task very easily and with perfection and can be interesting and joyful.

Cowsay Command

Cowsay is a command that displays a cow using ASCII characters in the terminal. And by using this command you can instruct the cow to say anything you want. which is useful in the output of the desired text with an animated character cow?

[root@localhost~]#yum install cowsay

Check a list of available animals using below

[root@localhost~]#cowsay -l

[root@localhost~]#cowsay Hii I Love Technology

[root@localhost~]#cowsay -f turtle Hii I Love Technology

[root@localhost~]#cowsay -f surgery Hii I Laove Technology

and more options in cowsay command you can run.

pv command

You must have seen imitating text in movies. It appears as if it is being typed in in real-time.

Let’s install the ‘pv‘ command

[root@localhost~]#yum install pv

Once, ‘pv‘ command is installed successfully on your system, let’s try to run the following one-liner command to see the real-time text effect on the screen.

[root@localhost~]#echo " Interesting Funny Commands of Linux I hope you like this" | pv -qL 10

SL Command

sl is a joke software or classic UNIX game. It is a steam locomotive that runs across your screen if you type “sl” (Steam Locomotive) instead of “ls” by mistake. sl is a highly advanced animation program for curing your bad habit of mistyping.

[root@localhost~]#yum install sl

after installation is complete, you run below command


yes command

It is funny but useful as well, especially in scripts and for System Administrators where an automated predefined response can be passed to the terminal or generated.

[root@localhost~]#yes I Love Technology

Note: (Till you interrupt i.e ctrl+c).

Telnet Command

You would be familiar with telnet. Telnet is a text-oriented bidirectional network protocol over a network. Here is nothing to be installed. What you should have is a Linux box and a working Internet.


So that’s all in this article

I hope you like this article about some Interesting Funny Commands of Linux.

Thank you for reading this article…..😊😍



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